Event Technology Siloes and Lack of Visibility on ROI

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More and more b2b organizations are focusing on converted pipelines as the metric for event ROI.

Even though many organizations still target brand awareness, social engagement, etc for their events, event managers are under more and more pressures to justify the ROI of events based on converted pipelines. No wonder driving good attendance and improving ROI of events become the top 2 challenges for event marketers (see our research here).

The reality is that most organizations use a range of technologies for their events.

You will use market automation tools to send out invites, for example, Marketo, Hubspot. You will create landing pages for events in Splash, Eventbrite, etc. Your sales team or sales development team use a sales tool to reach out to your target audience via phone calls or emails, for example, Outreach or Salesloft. Throw in the mix with spreadsheets for project management. In the ideal world, all of these technologies will sync their data to a central point, for example, salesforce.

The hard truth is that we end up with technology siloes.

Event marketers have a hard time understanding all the move pieces of events. Moreover, even data collected in those systems are not designed for event marketers to view, you will have to piece together useful information yourself. You have to crunch numbers in a spreadsheet, which hardly helps you identify ROI risks throughout the whole life cycle of events in real-time. And we know most spreadsheets have calculation errors.

Even event management systems don't help this much.

They are expensive, designed for big events. Yet more and more marketers are trying to host smaller events for better ROI. They try to be the one system for events, aim to replace the component of marketing automation system as well. This makes their system complicated, yet many marketers are used to their marketing automation systems already, and the same can be said about their spreadsheets. The adoption rate of them is low based on our research.

Hanana provides a single view of all key deliverables of events by integrating with all these technologies used by event marketers. It calculates ROI in real-time so that you can identify ROI risks throughout the whole life cycle of events.

Best yet, it doesn't interfere with your current workflow, you can continue using tools you are familiar with including spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet is prefect fine for simple project management. Our AI intelligent can interpret your spreadsheet and extract information from it automatically. This MVP of Hanana is the start point of implementing our vision of helping event marketers manage their events with ease.

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